Hung up on fashion

‘She wore a short skirt and a tight sweater and her figure described a set of parabolas that could cause cardiac arrest in a yak,’ quipped Woody Allen. There’s no denying that clothing can be the making - or the unmaking - of man.

This issue, Obrigado enters into some sartorial skirmishes
and uncovers its inner fashion victim.

In the latest issue

  • Style counsel

    115tammy.jpg 115_phathiswa.jpg 115_gunter.jpg 115_didier.jpg ..
  • The H word

    The only people who care enough to hate hipsters are other hipsters,
    writes Chris Roper

    The war of the hipsters.

  • Under construction

    70_fashion21.jpgSouth African style mavens have been flocking to fashion weeks around the country to see local gladiators strut their stuff in the fashion arena. Emma Jordan wonders if they are going to show us their mettle, or whether it is just about bling.

    Is it just about bling?

  • Rock stars and their cars

    70_car2.jpgThere's something about song writing that fires the troubadour tendencies of getting the hell out of where you are. And seeing that since the turn of the last century horses are either for racing or glue, tudor caradoc-davies reckons 'getting out of here' is going to happen in a car…

    A match between musicians and motoring.

  • Music reviews

    70_aking.jpgAfter the 'next big thing' hype subsides. After the SAMA snubs. After the international breakthrough is postponed. What happens to a hip, young Bellville City rock band whose 'Dutch Courage' becomes 'Against All Odds' alienation? If you're aKING, you go back to basics.

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Rocking The Daises

Hosted by: Rocking The Daises
When: 7th - 9th October 2011
Where: Cloof Wine Estate, Darling

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  • 70_basics.jpg Basic buys Adidas and fashion's wild child, Jeremy Scott, continue to roar and Nixon's beautifully innovative Milk Collection is worth smiling over. Here are some basic buys that will see you through. Straight up, with a twist.
  • 70_museum2.jpg Museum Gallery Located in Woodstock's Upper East Side, this new photographic exhibition space focuses on the discovery, development and investment potential of contemporary South African fine art photography.
  • 70_nameyour.jpg Name Your Hood Is an interactive campaign to unearth creative and functional neighbourhood names for South Africa's iconic cities, starting with the Mother City.
    Have your say.
  • 70_paul.jpg Paul Edmunds In a world that favours sensationalism over contemplation and quick fixes over hard work, artist Paul Edmunds is an exception. While abstract, his sculptures are never intangible. Perfectly toned.
  • 70_rtd.jpg Rocking The Daises Ragga-rap goddesses or edgy dubstep divas? Modern rock pin-ups or indie disco upstarts? Now in its sixth season, Mzansi's eco-friendly music fest continues its genre-surfing evolution.
  • 70_rock.jpg Rock Me Again From August 2011, a collection of designers and photographers will again go all out on the fashion front to shine light on environmental concerns. The idea: wear me again. Re-imagined and recycled.
  • 70_pumabikes.jpg Two-wheeled Pumas stalk the city Puma and Biomega have partnered to create a new evolution of commuter bikes, available in Cycle Lab stores. Ride on.
  • 70_breakthru.jpg Breaking Through Picture Swan Lake/Stomp the Yard meets Tap Dogs and you're looking at Break Thru Dance Company. This Durban-based fusion-dance troupe unites many, many different dance forms.
  • 70_ryansrun.jpg Ryans Run Ryan Scott and legendary ultra marathon runner Ryan Sandes decided to trot on over to the Camps Bay store - a mere 25 km and one mountain away. And they are making regular thing of it…
  • 70_stop.jpg Stop! Child Welfare SA, in partnership with The Body Shop, is calling on government to finalise the Prevention and Combating of Trafficking in Persons Bill, essential legislation in putting a stop to the ongoing exploitation.
  • 70_pumafactory.gif Puma Creative Factory Customers will have a chance to put their creative savvy to work and build their own sneakers from an assortment of materials and fabrics to make a one-of-a kind pair of their own.
  • 70_puma.gif PUMA Social Club Victory doesn’t always come in the form of a winning drop goal or hitting a six. Sometimes, victory is just as simple as getting a phone number after a long night out on the town.