OBRIGADO GINObrigado Gin x Creation Wines

In partnership with award winning and globally renowned Creation Wines Estate, three young entrepreneurs from Soweto produced a proudly South African, premium Chardonnay Gin. Music, travel, food and art are the DNA of the Obrigado experience, which now converge into this beautiful golden liquid.

Formulated by German born and 3rd Generation Master Distiller Rolf Zeitvogel, the gin has fresh, complex aromas and citrus inspired flavours. This reflects the alchemy and distinctness of Africa. Distilled in Creation Wine chardonnay barrels, the smooth gin picks up hue and chardonnay taste notes from the wood, making it a one of a kind Chardonnay Gin. There is no other like it. It bring the best of both world, a premium white wine and an exceptional gin. The ritual is to enjoy Obrigado when celebrating life. In a moment of reflection and gratitude, you drink this beautiful gin to give thanks, by yourself or in the company of amazing people. 

Obrigado Gin: The Gift of Gratitude.

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